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15 May
8 May

Will Apple Build Your Next Car?

By: Kasi Kinnett, Account Associate Apple’s Chief of Acquisitions, Adrian Perica, has been traveling the world looking for new technologies, and everyone is trying to guess at what Apple’s next big expansion project will be. Many sites such as Mac Rumors are dedicated to predicting Apple’s next move. Other outlets such as the San Francisco […]

27 Mar

What Embedded Facebook Posts Can Do for You and Your Business

By Kasi Kinnett, Account Associate Facebook has yet another new tool for the business owner or marketing strategist. Following in Twitter’s footsteps, Facebook is now allowing embedded posts. What does this mean? Simply put, a public Facebook post can be put right onto a website and appears as it does on Facebook, the exact same […]

20 Mar

Teens Embarrassed to Be on Facebook

By Kasi Kinnett, Account Associate Teens are leaving Facebook in droves, according to a study done by GlobalWebIndex (GWI). This comprehensive social media study showed that at the beginning of 2013, Facebook had a drop of 29 percent among active teen users, and an 11 percent drop overall in 2013. The reason for this decrease […]

19 Feb

Are You Happy at Work?

Kasi Kinnett, Intern Recently published an article about keeping employees happy. It seems that employees are 70 percent more likely to search for a new job after returning from vacation than any other time. Why is this a negative, and how can this be lessened? When employees are not happy not only does it […]

31 Dec

Beach Legs or Hot Dogs? The Best Viral Social Media of 2013

Kasi Kinnett, Intern As the year comes to an end, we take a look at some of the most popular social media apps, terms, songs and videos of 2013. The Harlem Shake “The Harlem Shake” is a catchy tune, and the song started a phenomenon with dance videos made by everyday people, featuring one person […]

27 Nov

OTR AGLOW: Not Your Typical Holiday Lights Display

Kasi Kinnett, Intern OTR AGLOW is back this year, just in time for the holiday season! This young tradition lights up the continuously evolving Over-the-Rhine (OTR) neighborhood in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. Residents, and street level businesses facing any street in OTR are eligible to participate in this window display contest, featuring holiday or […]

21 Nov

Politics and Facebook Etiquette

By: Kasi Kinnett, Intern With every election comes a wave of political rants and sassy e-cards about opposing parties and issues. With the ability to “Like” organizations as well as befriend users, Facebook has become an outlet to not only let the world know what you had for lunch today, but also to re-post your […]

11 Nov

Bitstrips: the Latest Facebook Fad That Will Make Your Friends Hate You

By Kasi Kinnett, Intern You may have noticed that your Facebook newsfeed looks a little different these days. So long Farmville requests and bye-bye daily horoscopes. Recently, users have flooded news feeds with comic strip status updates using an app called Bitstrips.  This app lets the user create their own avatar and post their own […]