10 Jan
20 Dec

A Few of Our Favorite Things

It’s time for Rasor’s annual list of Favorite Things. It’s just like Oprah’s list, just not quite as famous. From puppies to hippos to beer, we cover it all. We wish you and yours a warm and happy holiday season.  Fiona, the baby hippo. And if you don’t love her too, we can’t be friends anymore. The newly re-opened Music […]

18 Dec

Taking a Peek Behind the Curtain

As a marketing and PR professional for an award-winning, Cincinnati-based agency, most of the time I work behind the scenes on my clients, so to speak. From ghost writing articles to conducting research to coordinating design for materials and outreach efforts, I am not front and center—and that is just fine with me.   In fact, growing up my mom always wanted me to become an on-air […]

6 Dec

3 Things They Didn’t Teach You in Marketing School

By Ian Marker, Account Associate   As someone who recently graduated from college with a degree in “strategic communications” (aka public relations for people who don’t speak academic institution) I thought I was equipped with everything I needed to be my own public relations and marketing CEO. What I found, after securing the all-important post-graduation […]

29 Nov

Plants and happiness in the office

A purple orchid sits on my desk near the window. Its silent, natural beauty a sharp contrast to the practical, functional tools I have on my desk. Sometimes while I’m looking around in exasperation when the printer is acting up or my email won’t load fast enough, I’ll see the orchids and think, Well, at […]

22 Nov

From Phone Interviews to In-Person Interviews, These Hints Will Help You Nail It.

Over the course of my career in marketing communications, I’ve conducted many interviews with clients, their employees, key stakeholders and target audience members across Greater Cincinnati, including backgrounding sessions, media training and prep and as part of comprehensive communications audits—where we take a deep dive into our client’s industry to gain valuable insight so they […]

15 Nov
8 Nov

Babies: Do They Have Privacy Rights on Social Media?

Working in social media marketing I often think about this new generation of tech-savvy kids (and how I can keep up with them), and the even younger kiddos who are being brought up after them. A new generation of kids are being brought up in a world that has never existed before, a world where social media has existed since their births. A world where it […]

1 Nov

Networking Ideas for Public Works Professionals

As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Below are networking ideas for public works professionals. Some of these ideas are specific to the Cincinnati region and Ohio, but you can most likely find something similar in your town and state.     Local Chambers   Business Chambers are always holding events where people with a variety of […]

25 Oct

Check Us Out! Rasor is a Now a Member of the PRConsultants Group. Here’s What You Need to Know.

There are more than 22,000 public relations professionals in the United States. The need for expert communications counsel is growing, as is the need for PR professionals to be able to expand their reach nationwide. Our Cincinnati public relations agency is excited to announce that we are officially the second Ohio representative of PRConsultants Group (PRCG), a collaborative network of award-winning, senior-level public relations and […]