Autumn Grace Peterson, Account Associate

Autumn Grace is thrilled to start her professional journey as an Account Associate. In this position, she plans to expand her writing capabilities, generate engaging social media posts, and creatively approach tasks. Autumn’s intellectual curiosity fuels her enthusiasm for projects. She revels in the challenge of producing original content and then strategically delivering it to relevant consumers.

AGP pulls from her experiences as marketing, advertising, and public relations intern to cater to her new projects. At Rasor, she contributes to a variety of client work, including Icon Solar, Hill Hear Better, and KYTC.

Autumn recently graduated with Latin Honors from Miami University as a professional writing and strategic communications double major. At Miami, she further pursued her interests by working as a writing center consultant and by participating in Miami Advertising, Miami Activities and Planning and Gamma Phi Beta. She also has written for multiple publications.



What was your favorite book as a kid?

As a small child, I would go through obsessive phases with books. I would have my dad reread the same book to me for MONTHS. Probably the most taxing for him was “I Can’t Wait Until Christmas.” It’s a Sesame Street, 25-day countdown to the beloved holiday—but that didn’t stop me from me insisting on it throughout the entire year.

When it comes on the radio, which song do you have to turn up really loud?

All of them. I probably should pay a visit to Hill Hear Better soon.

Which app would be the last one you’d delete from your phone and why?

Tinder! Just kidding… LONG LIVE SNAPCHAT. I use it over all messaging applications.